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Basic idea about computer hardware | Best in 2021

Basic Idea About Computer Hardware

People today have little idea about computers.  Because computers are being used in every field of education, office-court.  And we use personal computers for our daily life.  In the age of the Internet, it is impossible to imagine anything with out computers.

Those of us who use ordinary computers know its internal software and various functions.  But there are many more in the computer that can perform all the functions of the computer.  The equipment and other components that are inside it are called hardware. 

In other words, these devices continue to run because of the hardware in any electronic device.  We should have an idea about hardware just as we have an idea about the internal software or various office applications in the computer.

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Then we can check and buy a good quality computer or laptop.  If there is any problem, they can fix it themselves.  This post will inform you about some information about computer hardware.  Computers have external internal hardware, some of which are being discussed.


The main part of a computer is its motherboard.  It is located inside the CPU.  It looks the same as a circuit board.  This is because it contains various small components and they work.  This motherboard is connected to other hardware on the computer. 

It is possible to run a computer with the help of a motherboard, without which it is impossible to work on a computer.  That is, all the work of the computer is done with the help of it.  That is why it has been named motherboard.


Many people call the processor CPU.  This is the brain of the computer.  With the help of the processor, all the work of the computer is propagated.  The commands that we usually give to the computer in the country by changing the commands to the language of the computer and act accordingly. 

And you have to do the installation work with the motherboard through the processor.  That is, a processor is a piece of hardware whose job is to process the entire system.  The more powerful the processor, the more powerful the computer.


RAM full sound is random access memory.  It is the entire physical hardware.  Which is connected to the motherboard.  This makes it possible to keep anything on the computer permanently and temporarily.  This is especially true of any software installation.  The greater the amount of bone, the greater the speed and efficiency of the computer. 

It helps to speed up the computer.  However, if the RAM is high and the amount of installation is high, then there is a possibility of slowing down.

Power supply unit

To operate a computer, of course, an electrical connection is required.  Just as every electronic device requires electrical power to run, so does a computer.  Hey, a power supply is definitely needed to transmit electrical energy.  And if there is no power supply, it will not be possible to operate the computer in any way. 

That is why the power supply unit is an important part of a computer.  If the power unit is damaged for any reason, the computer will be completely out of order.  In this case, the power supply has to be changed.  However, the power supply that is initially given is the best for the computer.

Hard drive

The hard drive is the capacity of a computer.  This means that any drama, song, movie, or file can be kept on your computer on the hard drive.  A hard drive is usually from a few hundred GB to a few thousand GB.  The higher the amount, the more information can be collected.  And it can change at any moment.  Just as we use external memory to store more of our data on mobile phones, computers also use hard disks.

External device

In addition to all the hardware that is inside the CPU of the computer, some other external hardware is also used for various tasks.  These are known as external devices.  Such as- mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, etc.  In addition, other external devices need to be added for various other purposes. 

We all know the use of a mouse and keyboard.  However, many of the scanners are unknown.  The scanner scans any document and imports it into the computer.  And with the help of the printer, any document or picture is output.  And this output must come out on a specific paper.

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