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Best Plugins For WordPress Free | 2021

Best Plugins For WordPress Free

Some useful plugins for WordPress

Nowadays most people are running after blogs. Because it is relatively easy and it is possible to earn a good amount from it. But whatever the reason, the demand for it is increasing. Blogging requires having a website of your own. And for this, you have to create this website on any one platform.

Creating a website requires a domain and hosting. Then it has to be added to any one platform. Blogger and WordPress are the two most popular platforms in the world today. Although Blogger is a service of Google. On the other hand, the popularity of WordPress is not less. WordPress is a fully active free service. But there are some benefits to working with hosting. That’s why it’s best to spend a little money to buy hosting.

How to write SEO friendly article in blogger

Many complex tasks can be done very easily using the WordPress plugin. As a result of these plugins, even if you do not complete the coding work. This means that those who have no coding knowledge can also design and customize the website in a very beautiful way. Because plugins automatically perform various tasks and point out bugs.

So let’s not be late to know about some of the great plugins of WordPress-

Yoast Seo plugin

This plugin is used to do all the SEO work of the website. This means that it is an important plugin for the on-page SEO of a website. Through this, the website is linked with various search engines. And when a post is made, it contains different types of keyword suggestions, keyword density, external links, internal links, image optimization, and some other suggestions. In other words, it is a lot of help to build a post in a beautiful way.

Because if all these are not done then your posts will not appear on the first page in search engines. No matter why we are blogging, our main purpose is to get a lot of visitors to the content. This increases the popularity of blogging and increases the income of those who earn it. In other words, it helps in attracting visitors and making blogging beautiful.

Rocket speed

The use of different types of pictures or videos on our website makes the website heavy. That’s why websites are slower than new ones. But it can be for any reason. If there is more than one additional profile, then the site is slow. And if the website is slow then it takes time for the readers to take the page load. This creates a feeling of annoyance. There are also many people who log in to other blogs while their page is loading. In this way, the visitor is in hand. For this, you have to use rocket speed to increase the speed of the website.

This can easily increase the speed of the website. And what is the reasons for the decrease in speed will be shown in the suggestions.

Update + backup plugin

A website can be ruined for any reason. It also happens that the website is completely ruined for some reason. Then the result of your hard work will be in vain. So you can keep a backup of the website using this plugin. Whatever the reason, if this website is damaged, if you re-upload the backed-up information through the plugin, you will get all the information on the website as before. This will not fail your hard work. However, in this case, you can lose Google rank.

Rank Math

Works like other SEO tools. It is currently a popular WordPress plugin. This allows the website to easily edit all its search engine functions. This makes it easier to write content. Because this plugin comes with different types of suggestions when content is written. And if there is more information then show them and ask them to correct it. In other words, it works as a content writing assistant.

This plugin is very important for those who want to get their website first on Google or other search engines.

No matter which plugin you use, always try to use its premium plugins. By doing this you will be able to enjoy all the advanced level benefits. And there is no problem with free but you will not get only one kind of facilities.

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