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Best WordPress plugins for social media sharing 2022

Best WordPress plugins for social media sharing

There are different types of plugins used when creating a WordPress website.  These plugins make it very easy to create websites in WordPress.  So most blog users create their website in WordPress.

WordPress requires various plugins as well as social media sharing plugins.  Because the content that we are constantly writing or providing services needs to be shared on social media.  Most people now spend time on social media.  As a result, to increase the popularity of your business or blogging to share these on social media.  Usually, there is more need to share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Also, use these plugins in the case of SEO.  Usually, the link of the website post is copied and shared on social media.  But if you use the plugin, it is automatically shared with just one click.  This takes less time and no hassle.

 Reasons why social media sharing plugin is used in WordPress

1.  To make the design beautiful

It can be seen that if you see the social share option at the bottom of each post, it looks much nicer and shows a professional look.

2.  The advantage of getting more traffic

If someone likes your article or product, they can easily share it on social media by clicking on the share button.  This is why it is very convenient to use this plugin.

Social media sharing is a free plug-in

1.  Add Tony Share Button Plug-in

It is one of the most popular social media sharing plugins within WordPress.  It is used by millions of users.  The easiest way for users to enjoy all its benefits.  This includes different types of social media.  These are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • WhatsApp
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit

More than 100 social media platforms have been added, including Google.  It can be seen that it is possible to share posts on all these social media with just one click.  Share buttons can be added to the top and bottom positions of that article.  You can also use the floating share button.  It can be installed anyway.

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It is designed in such a way that it automatically matches almost all themes.  Which makes it look more beautiful.

There are several benefits to using the plugin

 How long does it take to load and is a fast plugin.  Which will not slow down the website.

  • It helps to design responsive
  • The buttons can be placed anywhere in the article.
  • The special advantage is that it supports floating buttons.

2.  Grow by Media Vin

This social media sharing plugin has got a 5-star rating in WordPress.  It received so many good reviews because it was well-received by the users.  That’s why most WordPress users use it.

Like others, its social media share buttons can be placed anywhere to design content more beautifully.  And it is not possible to customize the icons on social media like yourself.  And since the plugin is extremely light, there is no harmful effect.  Especially loading speed is not affected at all.  But it has free and premium pro versions. 

The free version has Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Plus share buttons.  Many more share buttons are available in the premium version.

 It has a sidebar floating system.  It can be worked out as needed and it can be hidden at the end of the work.

 Great features are happening

  • Social share shortcuts
  • Floating sidebar
  • Stylish buttons
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Social share calculator
  • Retina Ready Sharp Icon

 3.  Share count

 This is the easiest and fastest of all the social media sharing plugins available in WordPress.  There are options to share in the top social media.  These are-

 -Pinterest pin button

  • Facebook shares
  • Email sharing
  • LinkedIn shares
  • Twitter tweet button.

This plugin has a much more user-friendly interface.  That means you don’t have to read any additional problems to set the icon off button.  Here you can style the button as you like.  You can also customize it like other plugins.

 Moreover, it can be beautifully designed in the post by placing it anywhere in the content.  The biggest advantage is that the total number of shares that have been shared can be seen on the display as the total share factor.

 It has great features

  • Simple setting
  • Responsive design
  • Attractive share icon
  • Major share button

Before you set up these plugins, you need to start working with some more ideas about them.  And especially before using the plugin, you have to make sure that these are null versions or cracks.  These have a detrimental effect on the website.  Therefore, it is better to use the premiums all the time and if not, you have to install them from the WordPress store.

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