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Different Types of Computer Networking | Best in The World 2021

Different Types of Computer Networking

Discussion on the network and about it

The topic we will discuss today is in detail about what a network is and its different types. Not only that, I will give you an idea about the history of the network and the different types of content associated with it. But first, they need to know about some of our ancient things. Then we get a full idea about the network. The word network means to connect. The word net means fake and the word work means work. ‌

Although its literal meaning is the work of the net. In the same way, the network is scattered around like a net and connected to each other to complete its work. In other words, even if its literal meaning is not used properly, its effectiveness is completely similar. – Different Types of Computer Networking Article 

In ancient times, letters were exchanged when a person felt the need to communicate with another person.  A specific medium was used to exchange these letters. In the era of king, there were different types of people who used to travel from one state to another with letters. Then post offices were set up in different places from time to time.

Letters were sent to those post offices and brought. ‌ It is in vogue at the present time. But now its use is much less. Because when it comes to exchanging information in this way, it is a matter of time. ‌ So slowly its circulation is going away. Different Types of Computer Networking

And there is a networking system behind the introduction. Although the exchange of information through letters is called a networking system, we now use the Internet to exchange information is called the modern networking system.

However, in this modern network system, what is called a networking system. It used to take at least 7 to 10 days to send a letter from one department to another. But due to networking management, data can be transmitted in just a few minutes.

Then you realize how much the networking system has improved. In 2000, mobile networking spread rapidly. In this way, very little information could be easily transmitted from one place to another. But it is slowly improving and at the present time, any information including picture document video is going to be transmitted. Different Types of Computer Networking

Different Types of Computer Networking –

Again many think that the network system is just like that that will be connected to it. But this idea is not correct at all. However, the main reason they have this idea is that when the first network system was launched, the connection was given through cable. Wireless networks were not so developed then. Wireless networks have greatly improved since Internet use became more prevalent. Wireless system works when we are browsing by connecting the internet to mobile through data connection.

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That means making the tower a router and the mobile a receiver. And yes of course two devices will be needed to use the network. One will be the sender and the other will be the receiver. One device will transmit data and the other device will receive and work on it. The medium used to exchange this information is the network.

We can’t connect directly to mobile via cable when there is no broadband connection at home. For this, we use a router from where the information is spread around the specific area through the antenna and we work by receiving it through the mobile.

Some of the work of the network is going on

  • Instant exchange of any kind of email video message
  • Adding printers and scanners from any type of electronic device to input and output
  • Exchanging information from one mobile or one computer to another mobile or computer
  • A remote system is the operation of one computer by another computer
  • Maintain all user data information

The way a network system is created

We first discussed that creating a network requires at least two devices. One receiver and the other sender. If no data is sent, it becomes impossible to receive. And if any data is sent but is not received then it has no value. So in this case two are definitely needed. But there must be some issues between sending and receiving information. There must be a security system in place for a user to exchange and receive information.

If there is no security in it, then its data can fall into the hands of hackers. Therefore, users will face various types of dangers. Different Types of Computer Networking Here

Different Types of Computer Networking

The network system is divided into several parts according to different methods and facilities. Those are happening

  • Personal Area Network
  • Home Area Network
  • Local Area Network
  • wide area network
  • metropolitan network.

However, the idea is that as the world progresses, the progress of the network system is increasing. However, research is proving that the more electronic things are updated, the more the network will be updated. However, we have benefited a lot from the advent of network systems. Although there are many difficulties behind it.

We have to move forward by eliminating those difficulties or harmful aspects. Our next post will discuss in detail the different methods and types of network systems. ‌

Different Types of Computer Networking

Different Types of Computer Networking

Different Types of Computer Networking

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