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Features of Twitter | Best idea in 2021

Features of Twitter

Currently, the most popular websites in the world are e-commerce sites and social media. However, everyone spends more time on socials media. Facebook has taken first place in social media, followed by Twitter. But the number of Twitter users is higher for most professional and important work.

In other words, Twitter is a bit more professional than Facebook. Although there are several similarities between them. But Twitter is a micro-blogging and social network service. This means that a user will be able to publish his own posts on the website and share them with other Twitter users. The biggest thing is that if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can see the tweets from other Twitter accounts. However, you must create an account to re-tweet, like, message.

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And all the other features that Twitter has can only be used after creating an account. Let’s take a look at some of the features of Twitter and how they work.

Twitter username

A unique username is required when creating a Twitter account. That means the name has never been used on Twitter before. No one will be able to reuse the name you use later. And this username is what to use when logging in to Twitter. If you want to tweet, direct message, or post from your account, then you have to send or publish it through the username.

Other Twitter users will see all its tweets, messages, etc. through your username. And if someone needs to search on Twitter, if you search by putting @ before the username, it can be found very quickly in his account.

What a tweet

People who work on Facebook or other websites may post their own writings or pictures on Facebook. Most of them can be written in a few thousand words. In the same way, posting on Twitter is called a tweet. But there are some limitations. Tweets can be tweeted using a maximum of 140 words. You can add any kind of picture with it. However, when you tweet, your username will be given at the top. And with that will be in a message or story.


As seen on other social media and websites, there is only a share option to share someone else’s post. Similarly, Twitter has field share options. Hey, this share option is called re-tweet. This means that if you want to share someone else’s tweet, clicking on this tweet button will show it on your profile. And this retweet can be seen by other Twitter users.

Followers and following

The follow button appears at the top of every Twitter account. That means clicking on the follow button to connect to another Twitter account. So much so that he keeps showing all his tweets in his timeline. Even notifications of them are available. This method is called the following. And if anyone else is following you, they are your followers. This means that your tweets and other information will continue to show in their timeline.

Use hashtags

There are hashtags on top of other social media. And when you post through this hashtag, it creates a group. In other words, all the posts related to the hashtags will be given. And for those who are blogging, it is very important to use this hashtag. Because it shows that the posts are relatively more visitors.

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