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History of YouTube | World Best | Number One YouTube 2021

History of YouTube

YouTube is an online video platform, which is largest in the whole world.  It is popular all over the world.  Currently a part of Google.  More than a thousand videos are uploaded here every day.  And the amount of visitors per day is a few million.

But this platform was not developed in one or two days.  There is enough patience and hard work behind this.  Which makes it so popular and famous today.  Not only this, with the help of Google it can be used as a search engine.  That means its position in the list of the world’s top three search engines.  Google has 5.7 billion searches per day.  And YouTube has a place near it.  World-famous and popular video sites are being discussed today.

A short history of YouTube

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a website.  Which was initially used as a video platform and is still used today.  But to the users, it is also known as a search engine.  Because he is constantly working on YouTube to know all the problems of daily life or anything.  Because everything can be known and learned through videos through YouTube. 

Which is completely different from the text contact of the website.  In other words, the demand for it is increasing as it is given directly on YouTube.  Even because of this its popularity is high.  Moreover, anyone can share the video for free.

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However, there are some rules for uploading videos.  These are No copyrighted videos, no violations, no content that is harmful to the general public.

YouTube is currently headquartered in California, USA.  YouTube is being fully controlled by the Google Company.  Interestingly, YouTube is directly linked to the Google search engine.  So you don’t have to link to Google separately after submitting your video.  Only if your YouTube video is well ACO will Google automatically.

 The way YouTube works

Any user can upload videos directly to YouTube.  After uploading the video, one has to use a specific name and tag.  Then the work is finished as soon as it is published.  There is a lot of work to be done to get the video ranked.  That’s why it’s good to use some good descriptions and tags after uploading the video.  Besides, it is best to share the video link on various social media.

When a person uploads a video, he has to go to the search box and search by typing the title to get his video.  After searching, a lot of related content comes.  It is seen that someone did a search on the beach of Cox’s Bazar.  It can be seen that there are many more videos if you search by typing this keyword. 

This means that the related videos that you want to watch, all the related videos on YouTube will show you.  Then from there, you can watch any video as you wish.  However, its video quality varies.  These are High Quality and Low Quality.  Low quality is seen to be relatively opaque.  Good to watch high-quality videos.

There is no reason to worry about the security of this platform.  Because it has high-quality security.  You can be completely safe through two-step verification.

 History of YouTube

The founders of history are three.  They are Chat Hurley, Step Chen, and Zayed Karim.  Zayed Karim is a descendant of Bangladesh.  We are proud of him.  The three of them were the first to work for PayPal.  Then in February 2005, YouTube launched all its services.  Their first video was Me at the Zoo.

Established stars say it was first taken from an online dating site.  He was later influenced by the Hot Or Not website and started YouTube activities.  The first video to get 1 million views on YouTube is an ad created by Nike.  In which Ronaldinho acted.  Since then he has gradually become a celebrity and gained popularity by getting sponsorship from various companies.

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