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How to blog nicely | Best way in the world | 2021

How to blog nicely

There are many who like to write. It has been seen that a decade ago, one had to take the help of various newspapers and magazines to present one’s writings in front of everyone. Then there was a lot of rush to publish an article. Many would have failed to disclose such problems. But in the hope of the internet, it has become very easy.

Your writings can now be easily published on various social media and websites. It doesn’t need anyone else’s help and it doesn’t need anyone’s repeated requests. However, just writing well will not attract readers. Therefore, the blog needs to be arranged more beautifully so that the readers become interested in reading it as soon as they see it.

This post will show you how to make a blogging beautiful

Topic selection

When you look at blogging, you must first think about what you are best at. Even if your subject is very simple, it is better to write about that subject. Because you can write it in a very beautiful way and readers will like it. Because if you choose a subject in which you have no previous experience or cannot write well, then the interest of the readers will decrease.

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And of course, it has to be chosen along with what the readers are looking at. You will try to write with your maximum and readers will also have to pay attention to the subject. Because slowly you have to change inside.

Beautiful picture selection

One of the best ways to attract readers is to choose beautiful pictures. It is not necessary to write for a blog, just as it is necessary to choose the right image. So much for improving the amount of blogging. However, for this film, it depends on your subject. For this, you have to select a picture at the top of the blogging and if possible try to give one picture after another with specific quotations.

So that readers can read blogs and take a preliminary idea by looking at pictures of them. If you can take the initial idea from the pictures, then they are a lot of visitors to the content. There are several other things to keep in mind that the quality of the picture should be good. In other words, the picture should not be blurred, there should be nothing irrelevant, no watermark of any website should be used, etc.

Paying attention to visitors

If you just write a blog, readers will not come to see it. This will require SEO. Because this is search engine optimization. This allows a post to be brought to the first page of Google. We usually type something and if we do a Google search, we see the contents of the first page. So you have to do keyword research on your topic and write the content. Need to share on social media as much as possible. So many visitors will come to the blog.

And of course, read the comments below the blog published on the website or social media. Because you have to change something from the valuable feedback of the readers. What they want is to choose where these things are wrong. Only then will you gradually begin to change.


Blogs have to be published from time to time. If too much time is taken then the readers lose patience. So readers must publish content regularly to keep them engaged. The last part must be kept interesting. So that they are interested in reading the next episode.

Accurate information

It is very important to give the right information for blogging. For those who create technology or news-related website, the source of that information must be mentioned. Never give false or rumored information. This will ruin the professionalism of blogging. And visitors never want to visit here easily. And if you give any scientific or mathematical information, you must prove it. And if you can’t give them, then it is better to avoid those posts.

Copyright evasion

There must be some honesty in blogging. Because if you log in by copying someone else’s post or stealing information, your block will not improve much. And these are illegal and dishonest acts. Therefore, always try to write the content yourself. Once your blogging gets a bad look from everyone, you will never be able to move on.

So as long as you are blogging, you have to be honest all the time. And never try to change the language from another website to your own blog. It’s even more deadly disrespectful.

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