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How to increase the view of YouTube | Best Way in 2021

How to increase the view of YouTube

Many people have noticed watching YouTube videos at the present time.  It is possible to earn a lot more from YouTube.  Hey, the current young generation is more inclined.  Where millions of people visit every day.  So many people have started making YouTube videos now.  However, it has become more so during the corona period.

People do these things only to earn money.  Many do it as a hobby or to present themselves in front of everyone.  But whatever the reason, his main goal is to gain a lot of popularity in his videos.  In other words, his videos have a lot of views.  You don’t just have to create a video and upload it.  For this, some rules and regulations have to be followed.  Because once the rules are followed, your videos will slowly start to gain popularity.

However, no matter which video you upload, you must make sure that these videos are your own.  Otherwise, YouTube will reject your videos.  Today’s topic of discussion is how to increase views on YouTube videos.

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 Choosing the right content

All you have to do is choose which content you want to make the video with.  Those who are experts say that content is king.  Because the better the content, the more popular it will be.  If your videos are not good then people will not watch them.  And if visitors like them, they watch more and share them on their profile. 

The new update of YouTube is that the more views the video has, the more it will be used by search engines.  So in order to rank YouTube, the content must be of good quality.  Also, if the content is of good quality, the visitors will watch the video perfectly.  And if you watch a video a lot, it will look good on YouTube.

And when more than half of each visitor watches a video, the watch time of that channel increases comparatively.  As a result, it is shown in other video suggestions.

Choosing the right title

After maintaining the video quality, you must pay attention to the title.  Any related video you upload must have a related title.  In this case, it is best to do keyword planning from different websites and then play the title.  This will make it very easy to rank in the YouTube search engine.  Not only this, with the help of Google it is possible to rank.  And make sure the focus keyword is in the first part of the title.

Use the correct tag

YouTube is an important factor in increasing video views.  You have to create a tag with some related words that you will upload related videos.  Because the YouTube search algorithm pays more attention to tags.  This means that according to your tags, they will show the video in the Google search engine.  The first video in the search engine will actually get more views.

Thumbnail selection

Every YouTube video looks at the suggestion of a related video.  That’s why video thumbnails must be interesting so that visitors are attracted to your video thumbnails when they watch other videos.  This allows you to get more views of the video.  However, care must be taken to keep the video as per the thumbnail.  Because if there is no match with the video, then the visitors will not watch the video for a long time.  However, you will get views but not watch time.

Creating backlinks

In the same way that off-page SEO is required to generate visitors by creating backlinks, you also need to generate backlinks from various websites to get YouTube views.  These have to be done from social media or other big websites.  Because these will refer to your video.  So that more and more of the different ways come from outside of YouTube.  However, it is best if the backlinks are created from other video platforms.


Descriptions like titles must be given.  The more beautiful the description and the more SEO-friendly it is, the more likely it is that Google will merge with YouTube.  Because YouTube is currently dominating its description. 

So you must write the video and the title as well as the description.  You have to write something in it so that visitors can guess the video by looking at the description.  And give a link to your website in the description, you can create backlinks there.

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