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Know more about using Windows PC or Apple’s Mac | Best Tips for 2022

Windows PC or Apple’s Mac

Know more about using Windows PC or Apple’s Mac

Know more about the better using of Windows PC or Apple’s Mac

By computer, we usually mean Windows PC.  Especially it is more common and used inside South Asia.  But on the other hand, there is Apple’s Mac.  However, at present, the two are being used at the same rate.  But many are confused about which one to use.  Because both have advantages and some disadvantages.  Many people think that Windows PC is very simple and smooth while Mac is hard and expensive.  That’s not the way to go.  So this dilemma will be removed today through this post.

 After completing this post, you can choose for yourself whether to use Windows or Mac.  Because through this post all you’re unknown and inner questions will be discussed.  Let’s not delay without knowing.


If you want to buy the least expensive Apple computer, you have to pay at least 500 dollars, that is, 50 thousand Bangladeshi rupees.  The only CPU is available.  Mouse, keyboard, and monitor all the external must be purchased separately.

On the other hand, Windows PC can be built much better on a budget.  There are many good PCs available in half of the budget.  On the other hand, you can fall in love just by looking at iMac and MacBook.  Because these will attract you to see.  Once you see it, you don’t want to leave.  On the other hand, Apple’s least expensive laptop is the MacBook Air.  Which costs 1000.  Which is extremely expensive.


Officially made by Apple, the only Mac OS-powered computer.  And these are not without more than 2-3 models in the market.  Another interesting thing is that all of Apple’s computer designs are in the same series.  But its performances are updated every year.  That’s why your choice is limited to certain ones.  No matter how much the budget increases, you will have to stick to this limited model.  There are no any chance to get out of those.

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On the other hand, Windows PCs have full freedom from this side.  Any company in the world can make a Windows PC under a contract with Microsoft.  There are hundreds of such companies all over the world.  You can install Windows on them at any time and run it for free.


Whether it’s a MacBook laptop or a desktop, it’s very limited in terms of customization.  There are no customizations outside of ATMs and other storage facilities.

Windows computers, on the other hand, can be highly customized.  It is possible to customize its processor RAM, storage, chipset etc. at any time.  You can even build a PC as you wish.  There is no problem with this.


If you have a hard time with technology, you will find that the term Apple ecosystem is widely used.  Because they use this system in each of their products so that users can experience in a very easy and beautiful way.  You can get the most out of using any of your products.  But it is not possible to take advantage of Windows.  Although there are micro software ecosystems.  But Apple’s ecosystem is much more powerful than T.

 Use of new technology

On Mac computers, Apple introduces new specifications at specific times each year.  So if any new hardware technology comes then you have to wait till the new PC is announced.  But because of the presence of many manufacturers of Windows PCs, its competitive market is much higher.  As a result, you will not have the technology update of your choice with any of the manufacturing companies.  And you will get it quickly.


Most gaming players argue about which one performs better.  However, experts say that Windows is the most suitable for playing PC games.  Because it is possible to create a good type of desktop by customizing all the powerful machines.  Through which maximum fun can be enjoyed for playing games.  Although Mac’s hardware is very powerful.  But it is not possible to play like all good gaming minds.

 To repair

Windows PC Service Center is easily accessible anywhere and costs relatively less if damaged.  On the other hand, Mac components and service centers are not easily available.  As a result, if these problems occur, there is a lot of trouble.  The cost is relatively high.


Many people think that beauty gives more security than that.  That’s a lot to catch.  It is seen that Mac users are much fewer.  As a result, malware is created in this case and the target is less.  Windows users on the other hand are made more or less.  So Windows users are more victims of spam.  Both companies have specific antivirus software.  And the rest of the security depends on the user’s awareness.  However, the number of third-party software on Windows PCs is a little higher.  Which leads to cyber attacks.

All the details of Windows PC and Mac are discussed above.  Now don’t forget to let us know which one you choose.

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