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Nutritional problems prevention | Best Solution 2021

Nutritional problems prevention

Nutritional problems prevention Food keeps our body moving. In other words, the main driving force of the body is food. Just as oil or diesel is needed to run a machine, food is needed to run the human body. It provides energy to people through food and acts through this energy. So food is one of the basic human needs, which comes first. Nutritional problems prevention That is, no one can survive without food.

But not just by taking food Nutritional problems prevention. This food must be of good quality and pure. Eating rotten stale food causes the opposite damage. They are more likely to get various types of diseases and germs and get sick due to various diseases. As a result, the body becomes weak and even increases the chances of dying of important diseases.

We must take care that the food we eat is good for our body. Foods that are good for the body are called ideal foods. Again, there are several parts to this ideal food, one of which is a nutritious food. This nutritious food helps to increase the immunity of our body as well as to destroy the germs of various diseases. And these foods are relatively more beneficial. Many people think that nutritious food can be very expensive and valuable but it is not at all. Nutritional problems prevention.

Different types of vegetables, fruits, fish, meat contain a lot of nutrients. So there is no reason to worry. Lack of nutritious food in our body causes various bacterial infections. The most beneficial aspect is that if various diseases occur, eating nutritious food, is naturally cured. Nutritional problems prevention

Problems that can occur due to lack of nutritious food and how to remedy it

Uric acidity

The human body has a normal amount of uric acidity. But if uric acid cannot be excreted from the kidneys in sufficient quantity, that is, if it continues to accumulate inside, then it causes problems for the human body. As a result, different types of bones begin to accumulate in the joints and joints. This causes the bone joint to swell and the pain starts to subside. As a result, the affected person has difficulty walking.

This is especially the case with the lack of nutritious food. Again it is seen that if you take too much thiazide medicine, this acid cannot be excreted from the kidneys. However, there are genetic problems. This problem is more common in young children due to genetic problems.

If there is a problem with uric acid, there are several symptoms. Such as feeling pain in different organs, full stomach, increased amount of sugar, etc. If these symptoms are given, it is necessary to take measures to prevent them, otherwise, there is a possibility of serious illness.


To remedy this, of course, nutritious food is needed. Therefore, it is very important to eat different types of vegetables. Tomatoes are rich in nutrients. However, eating tomatoes is likely to increase the amount of uric acid. But its qualities are many. For this, you have to throw away the seeds inside and eat only healthily. This reduces the amount of acidity. In addition, different types of vegetables such as spinach, soybeans, pulses, etc. should be eaten.

These games reduce the level of acid. We also need to look at its quality of life. However, several foods must be excluded from the food list. They are eggs, meat, shrimp, etc. However, in this case, you have to eat marine fish. Care must be taken to ensure that no alcoholic foods are consumed or that smoking is avoided.

And if you have uric acid problems, it is better not to take any kind of medicine as much as possible. This is because it can lead to the death of Steven Johnson Syndrome. In other words, such problems are more likely to have side effects of the drug. And if the problem is very serious, then the medicine should be taken according to the advice of an expert.

Effects of nutritious food on children

Nutritious food is needed for people of all ages. However, more attention should be paid to children and the elderly. This is because in the beginning the immunity of children is low and the immunity of adults is low. This is why it’s important for both ages. When a baby is a newborn, it has very low immunity. A child’s immunity tends to increase gradually due to his diet and adherence to various rules and regulations. But much depends on the food list. If there is no nutritious food on the food list, then the immunity is low and various diseases are contracted. Lack of nutritious food is responsible for most of the deaths.

Nutritional problems prevention
Nutritional problems prevention

When there is not enough nutritious food, mental development does not happen as well as physical development. A variety of diseases occur, including anemia. It is seen that the memory is weak and behaves differently than usual. Although the effects do not appear at first, they become apparent later in adolescence. For this, children need to be fed nutritious food from childhood. Foods that are easily available at your fingertips. Similarly, it should be strengthened in adolescence.

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Diseases that can occur due to lack of nutritious food- Nutritional problems prevention

  • Stomach ailments
  • Infected with worms
  • A sore on the face with grass on the corners of the lips
  • Hair loss
  • Different types of skin diseases
  • Problems with nerves
  • Defects in the structure of the body
  • Any kind of disease inside the body
  • Rattana
  • Bones
  • Merasmic
  • Scurvy
  • Rickets

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