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Use IMO or WhatsApp | Best Social Media Apps 2021

Use IMO or WhatsApp

IMO  and WhatsApp are the two most popular messaging apps at present.  These two apps have gained the most popularity in our country.  People of all ages from village to city use these two more.  And it is very difficult to find people who have not heard the names of these two apps.  And almost everyone has two apps installed on their mobiles.  Internationally, Emu and WhatsApp have surpassed billions of users.

 These two apps can be used for free.  All its features can be enjoyed only by opening an account.  WhatsApp is basically an app owned by Facebook.  And Emu has its own independent app.  Besides mobile, apps can be used on a computer or laptop.  It is possible to run WhatsApp and Imo on any mobile operating system.  But WhatsApp is not optimized on the tablet device but very easy on the IMO.

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 Which WhatsApp or Imo to use

 Although WhatsApp and Imo are two messaging apps, there are many differences between them.  The Play Store is the world’s largest and most popular medium for downloading apps.  WhatsApp’s rating in the Play Store is 4.3 and Imo app setting is 3.9.  In other words, the rating of WhatsApp is higher than that of the IMO app.  We will not be limited to just ratings.  We will also discuss all the differences between WhatsApp and Imo in this post. Now I will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of them.


 Since both are messaging apps, it’s normal to have similarities between the two.  But there are some differences.  The interface of IMO users is a bit complicated.  From here, WhatsApp users can use it in a simple way.  Every feature of WhatsApp is neatly arranged and arranged step by step.  Which makes it very easy to find anything.  Complications do not have to be faced.  Dark mode has been introduced on WhatsApp.  But there is no doubt about Imo so far.

 Calling and messaging

 The app has both text messaging as well as audio and video calling systems.  Emu has a lot of fun.  When someone is texting you, you can see in real-time what the person is writing.  So that all can be known.  This facility is not available anywhere else except Imo.  However, this feature can be turned off for your own safety.  To turn it off, go to Privacy Settings and turn off the feature.  If you need it again, you have to go to the privacy setting and turn it on again.

 The calling system in both apps is very good.  Many users consider the two calling qualities to be equal.  However, Imo’s performance is a little better in the case of slow internet.  For this reason, especially in rural areas of Bangladesh, IMO users are more.  Because the speed of internet is slow in villages.  They said that Emu gives less good performance on the internet than on WhatsApp.

 Account created

 WhatsApp has an account opening system with only mobile numbers.  But IMO can be logged in with Facebook as well as the phone numbers.  As a result, IMO is getting huge benefits from this site.

 Active status

 Active status is very important for messaging app.  Chatting status on WhatsApp can be turned on and off at will.  That is to hide how long ago it was active.  However, the sad thing is that if you turn off this feature, you will not be able to see anyone else’s last scene.  As a result, many people turn off this feature. on the other hand also has the feature.

 Contact add

 Most IMO users have a complaint.  The complaint is that anyone can add a message to the contact list using a mobile number.  Which makes many people upset.  Many are offended by messages from strangers.  On the other hand, WhatsApp does not have this system.  If someone is added to the contact list, you can message them.  If a stranger sends a message, it is stored in his filter.  That is, it looks different.  From here, WhatsApp users get benefits.

 File sharing

 In WhatsApp, you can be used to exchange any file.  Such as- documents, videos, music, etc.  Only audio-video-images and PDFs can be sent to Imo.  However, due to the current update, it is possible to send some new documents.

Add and notifications

 If someone adds you to the IMO, a notification comes.  It has been seen that continuous notifications keep coming during important work.  Resulting in disruption of work.  Uncomfortable and annoying to many.  But such notifications do not come on WhatsApp.  Are deposited in certain stores.  It can be seen after opening the app.

 All the advantages and disadvantages have been discussed in the above discussion.  Now you will consider which one to use.

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