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How does a router work | Best way 2022

How does a router work

Besides getting smartphones and laptops in everyone’s hands, a broadband connection is being taken in various offices and courts.  Because mobile data is very expensive in our country.  And mobile data is usually limited.  Resulting in being deprived of unlimited bandwidth.

But on broadband connections, you can enjoy unlimited data for a fixed monthly fee.  It’s a lot like a disc line to catch.  And to use this broadband connection you need an electronics device.  Its name is the router.

When the broadband connection of the broadband connection is inserted in the router, WiFi is generated from there.  It works on wireless systems.

Is the router just an electronics device?

A router is an electronic device.  It doesn’t just input and output like other devices.  It transfers data.  That means a transmitter is installed inside it.  With the help of which the wireless system is sent to different devices in Dhaka.

It basically works on a radio transmission system.  Simply put, it is an electronics device that receives data from a receiver and transmits it to another electronics device via a transmitter.  Through this only internet, the transfer is possible.

 There are different types of routers in the current market.  These are different types according to the work.  The types are-

  • Broadband router (wired router)
  • Wireless Router (Wi-Fi Router)
  • EDG router
  • Inter Provider Border Router
  • Core router.

1.  Broadband router – wired

 It allows you to connect to the Internet with multiple computers.  For this, separate wires have to be connected to the router.  However, there will be a few computers so there are limitations.  Usually, this limitation is five to seven.  Usually, this router is used in different families and masses.

2.  Wireless router (wireless)

Wireless routers are most in-demand in the current market.  Because there is no problem with the cable plate.  These are widely used in various types of official work and at home.  With the help of this router, it is possible to give an internet connection to any device without any type of wire.  This is why such routers are called wireless routers.

 It sends a certain amount of signal across the area.  In other words, it provides signals inside the devices in this specific area.  Doesn’t get its connection to any device other than this.  This is why users have to stay in this area.  And to protect it, you can set up a separate password on the router.

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3.  Using a core router

These routers are usually used to connect different routers together.  In other words, a company has installed routers in 15 different places.  This router is used to connect them to each other.  In particular, it serves as the backbone of the layer network.

 4.  The EDG router used for that purpose

 These routers are usually placed next to the internet service provider.  These are mostly used by service providers.

5.  The routers that Internet providers use

Those who are internet providers are called ISPs for short.  We get a broadband connection from this service provider.  A router of them likes us.  However, that router is several hundred times more powerful than our router.  Because from those routers we can use the internet connection in different types of devices.

How a pocket router works

There have been various advances in technology at present.  Similarly, many new technologies are being added to the router.  Now the portable pocket router has come into the market.  These routers are smaller in size than other common WiFi routers.  For this reason, it can be easily carried in the pocket.  Therefore, its use is more.

Many people call these routers portable routers.  Through this, various connections can be made in the form of WiFi by connecting to the internet.  Broadband lines can be connected directly to provide an internet connection.  The big advantage of this is that it is possible to make a WiFi connection using any SIM card.  It does not have a specific operator.  Passwords can be set up for security.

However, if you have bought the router from a SIM company, you can only use the SIM of that company.  Besides, it is not possible to use data from any other SIM.

The advantage of using a pocket router

  • Internet can be accessed through the router at any time.
  • Create your own personal WiFi and share it with friends.
  • Area-based SIM operator’s internet speed can be used which changes quickly.
  • Can be used on multiple devices simultaneously.

However, no matter which router you use, you need to look at its other features at the time of purchase.  Then you will get good service for a long time.

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